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GDEX Express Track & Trace System


Gdex Tracking. Delivery Tracking System for Gdex. Enter Gdex Consignment Note Numbers or Consignment No. Delivery Tracking System for Gdex. Do not use spaces or other (+ - / * ? & = ! ') characters. After clicking on the "Track" button on the left, you will be directed to the tracking result page on Aftership. This page creates just a link automatically for requested information with form restructuring. The most common tracking number format is a combination of 10 numeric characters (10 digits) (e.g. 0000 0000 00). Some other less common formats may also exist. Online Tracking Numbers COM never makes logging and does not use Gdex's any of the information system definetly.

GDEX Tracking Number Formats
Online GDEX Tracking Number Barcode
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GD Express Sdn Bhd (GDEX) is a express delivery service in Malaysia for both the domestic and international markets. Gdex Tracking, You can find a shipment no at the voucher that you get from Gdex, by your shipment. You can follow your post. Tap the shipment no on the site and immediately see where your package is at the moment, day to day. Package tracking is achieved by redirecting your inputs to related Gdex tracking service query addresses. Your private information such as your tracking numbers, cookies, session information are not logged in our site.
What is GDEX GD Express Sdn Bhd (GDEX) was formed in 1997 to provide express delivery service for both the domestic and international markets. It operates a network of 136 stations, comprising 59 branches, 2 affiliate stations, 52 agents and 23 lodge-in centres throughout East and West Malaysia. GDEX has a fleet of more than 400 trucks and vans used primarily for hauling of documents and parcels between stations and the National Hub (termed "line-haul" fleet) for local pick-ups and deliveries. The company's express delivery service operation is structured along the "Hub and Spoke" concept whereby customers' packages are collected by the branches, sent by trucks to a Central Clearing Hub for sorting and then redirected to their ultimate destinations. The group currently employs more than 2000 staff. More Gdex
GDEX Customer Service Gdex Customer Service:

If you have any question regarding the delivery process of a package, call: +60 03-77872222.

Gdex Contact Center

Gdex Locations Finder

Courier Companys automatically assigns a tracking number to your shipment. Tracking numbers are numbers given to packages when they are shipped. Tracking numbers are useful for knowing the location of time sensitive deliveries. GDEX Tracking numbers are used by GDEX to identify and trace shipments as they move through the GDEX system to their destination.

By log in your GDEX Tracking number can you your package ID by entering the detailed information online following, you can know where your package is at the moment.

GDEX Notice This website is not the official supplier of Gdex. For all transactions please visit: gdexpress.com. Gdex Offical Web Site: www.gdexpress.com

Online Tracking Numbers COM is a third party, all in one solution for tracking shipments. You can track your deliveries easily by using our web site.

We committed you that in no way we does not record your any information belonging.

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Twitter User 1141622587845275648Statuses 1141622587845275648
Twitter User 1141622587845275648
SalihahRosman: abs taklimat awl kol 4.. trus g gdex amik brg ak dgn bntuan google map..mujur jumpa..pastu trus ke eco bli hadiah a… https://t.co/qLRMe7soFf
by SalihahRosman
2019-06-20 09:23:29 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141606782671847424Statuses 1141606782671847424
Twitter User 1141606782671847424
lelinasss: Kalau abang gdex yang ni kan sejuk mata memandang sket. Dr si eri bangang tu. pasni nak call ckp parcel lah. ☺️
by lelinasss
2019-06-20 08:20:41 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141585006529150977Statuses 1141585006529150977
Twitter User 1141585006529150977
kecekhandsome: hari hari aku menunggu kedatangan gdex
by kecekhandsome
Kuantan Pahang
2019-06-20 06:54:09 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141583034652610560Statuses 1141583034652610560
Twitter User 1141583034652610560
maxzchua: tunggu GDex.... padahal beli tikar jer pun. https://t.co/PC7XCR8jJx
by maxzchua
2019-06-20 06:46:19 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141572320630206464Statuses 1141572320630206464
Twitter User 1141572320630206464
aboi___: Orang Gdex ni call mcm nak bercinta..
by aboi___
Kota Bharu, Kelantan
2019-06-20 06:03:45 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141516867359715328Statuses 1141516867359715328
Twitter User 1141516867359715328
GDEX_Official: Hi @habaebyy we still have not receive your DM . Thank you
by GDEX_Official
2019-06-20 02:23:24 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141345829233541123Statuses 1141345829233541123
Twitter User 1141345829233541123
skgraham: RT @gamemagicarcana: Today's Arcana progress: slowly re-connecting the various parts of the modal interface (buttons & panels for tools/pro…
by skgraham
Madison, SD
2019-06-19 15:03:45 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141330698151743488Statuses 1141330698151743488
Twitter User 1141330698151743488
Fanggos20: @FaraDieja_ @peachypess Pkai poslaju sbb dia laju, klo pkai gdex dia xde laju
by Fanggos20
2019-06-19 14:03:37 UTC/GMT.
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (1141330698151743488)

Twitter User 1141283002284048384Statuses 1141283002284048384
Twitter User 1141283002284048384
useshasha: Uuh! Can't see the bench. Lovely bench in the middle of the town. Walkway near HSBC building. 🤣 . . #bench… https://t.co/CWL7SE9d32
by useshasha
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2019-06-19 10:54:06 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141270699006283776Statuses 1141270699006283776
Twitter User 1141270699006283776
nurainiwardahh: @atiquestikah Hahahhaha ramai betoi tak suka gdex ni
by nurainiwardahh
2019-06-19 10:05:13 UTC/GMT.
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (1141270699006283776)

Twitter User 1141270603950743553Statuses 1141270603950743553
Twitter User 1141270603950743553
nurainiwardahh: @sharkkkkkkkkk_ Hahahaha aku meluat betoi kalau order sth and depa pakai gdex bodoe betoi puihhh pemalas habaq ja la 🙄
by nurainiwardahh
2019-06-19 10:04:50 UTC/GMT.
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (1141270603950743553)

Twitter User 1141254143979343873Statuses 1141254143979343873
Twitter User 1141254143979343873
sharkkkkkkkkk_: @nurainiwardahh Kenzzzz dehek betul walaupun sil aku keja gdex. Lantak nak maki gak 🤣🤣
by sharkkkkkkkkk_
2019-06-19 08:59:26 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141243043929980930Statuses 1141243043929980930
Twitter User 1141243043929980930
EdenSofea: @srigularity @GDEX_Official Mcm mana dia boleh reply akak walaupun akak private acc?
by EdenSofea
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
2019-06-19 08:15:19 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141236990513307648Statuses 1141236990513307648
Twitter User 1141236990513307648
XXXbyefelicia: Hantar baju iron kt dobi ingatkan open house malam hujung minggu ni. ..rupanya 27???????? Ruginya bayar cas nak ce… https://t.co/6ZwGmwS80F
by XXXbyefelicia
Sungai Dua, Pulau Pinang
2019-06-19 07:51:16 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141236499016560642Statuses 1141236499016560642
Twitter User 1141236499016560642
GDEX_Official: @srigularity Noted on the compliments received for our Gdex Jitra & Bahau branch. Much appreciated on the gratitude… https://t.co/DLpXOn0mKY
by GDEX_Official
2019-06-19 07:49:19 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141231101538516992Statuses 1141231101538516992
Twitter User 1141231101538516992
norrani_: aku lebih prefer gdex berbanding pos laju. https://t.co/hkylcLjocy
by norrani_
Malacca, Malaysia
2019-06-19 07:27:52 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141229747273252864Statuses 1141229747273252864
Twitter User 1141229747273252864
alyajusri1: Postage GDex mahal 😖
by alyajusri1
2019-06-19 07:22:29 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141219309584183297Statuses 1141219309584183297
Twitter User 1141219309584183297
nrrmrh: @sariahabdullah1 Jam guna gdex, direct dari kedai. Mungkin 8coin beli suruh dorang pos hantar pi rumah.
by nrrmrh
2019-06-19 06:41:00 UTC/GMT.
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Twitter User 1141217694475120645Statuses 1141217694475120645
Twitter User 1141217694475120645
JetsFiqry: Kerja kau ni tinggal amanah je, kalau benda tu pun takda baik mati jela. Poslaju, GDex and J&T sama je. https://t.co/tS8Mn5jUbB
by JetsFiqry
2019-06-19 06:34:35 UTC/GMT.
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (1141217694475120645)

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