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Blue Dart Track & Trace System


Blue Dart Tracking. Delivery Tracking System for Bluedart. Do not use spaces or other (+ - / * ? & = ! ') characters. After clicking on the "Track" button on the left, you will be directed to the tracking result page on www.bluedart.com. This page creates just a link automatically for requested information with form restructuring. Customer can track the shipment using Blue Dart Waybill No. The most common Blue Dart tracking number format is a series of 9, 10 or 11 digits (e.g. 000 000 000). Some other less common formats may also exist. Blue Dart contact number is +91 1860 233 1234. Online Tracking Numbers COM never makes logging and does not use BlueDart's any of the information system definetly.

Blue Dart Tracking Number Formats
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Blue Dart Express (bluedart), which formed alliance with DHL in 2002, is a leading courier, frieght and integrated air express service for businesses in India. Blue Dart Tracking, You can find a shipment no at the voucher that you get from Blue Dart, by your shipment. You can follow your post. Tap the shipment no on the site and immediately see where your package is at the moment, day to day. Package tracking is achieved by redirecting your inputs to related Blue Dart tracking service query addresses. Your private information such as your tracking numbers, cookies, session information are not logged in our site.
What is Bluedart Blue Dart Aviation is an all-cargo airline based in Chennai, India. It operates scheduled night express cargo flights including domestic and regional charters. It has an in-house maintenance capability and provides aircraft maintenance and engineering support to other airlines. The airline was incorporated in 1995 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Dart Express, a Mumbai based integrated express package Distribution Company. It is now part of DHL Aviation and owned by Deutsche Post DHL. Blue Dart Aviation started operations on June 1996 with two Boeing 737 Freighters bought from Indian Airlines and inducted its first Boeing 757 freighter in 2006. (wikipedia)

Blue Dart Express Ltd is South Asia's leading integrated air express carrier and premium logistics-services provider. The company has the most extensive domestic network covering over 13,880 locations, and service more than 220 countries and territories worldwide through the Sales alliance with DHL, the premier global brand name in express distribution services. The company has 218 offices, 168 franchisees and 173 service participants. Further the compnay has 422000 sq.feet of facilities, including 6 bonded warehouses and 9 hubs. Started as a partnership firm in 1983 under the name Blue Dart CourierService, the company was registered as a private limited company with thenew name Blue Dart Express Pvt Ltd in 1990. The company became a publiclimited company in 1994. The company is the global service participant of Federal ExpressInternational, US, with exclusive rights for pick-up and delivery servicesin India. Federal Express, which has an extensive service network in around220 countries, is recognised all over the world for its innovation in theair-express business. The famous hub-and-spoke system of distribution,which is widely followed by almost every airline in the world today, waspioneered by Federal Express. Under the agreement between Blue Dart andFederal Express, all international shipments of Blue Dart are distributedthrough the Federal Express system and Federal Express's inbound shipmentsto India are delivered through Blue Dart's network. The company launched IXF 2, a door-to-door service for heavy internationalcargo to the US. In the domestic sector, the company has a number of products which includes domestic priority for the movement of domestic documents and packages to 237 locations across the country - Dart Apex, a special multi-modal distribution service for medium and heavy shipments; and Dart Surfaceline, a door-to-door express surface product. Its range of products include, Voice Dart, Power Dart, Dart Collect, Dart Apex, etc. Blue Dart has the largest private E-mail in India. (www.indiainfoline.com)
Bluedart Customer Service Blue Dart Customer Service:

If you have any question regarding the delivery process of a package, call: +91 (0) 40-64564307.

Blue Dart Contact Center

Blue Dart Locations Finder

Courier Companys automatically assigns a tracking number to your shipment. Tracking numbers are numbers given to packages when they are shipped. Tracking numbers are useful for knowing the location of time sensitive deliveries. Blue Dart Tracking numbers are used by Bluedart to identify and trace shipments as they move through the Bluedart system to their destination.

By log in your Blue Dart Tracking number can you your package ID by entering the detailed information online following, you can know where your package is at the moment.

Bluedart Notice This website is not the official supplier of Blue Dart. For all transactions please visit: bluedart.com. Blue Dart Offical Web Site: www.bluedart.com

Online Tracking Numbers COM is a third party, all in one solution for tracking shipments. You can track your deliveries easily by using our web site.

We committed you that in no way we does not record your any information belonging.

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Twitter User 1619372426055536640Statuses 1619372426055536640
Twitter User 1619372426055536640
ieldhojose: @JOJIJOSE66 @AJIOLife @EcomExpress_Ofc @kkvysakhh My order also stuck at Aluva Ecom Express. Its been 2 days and th… https://t.co/h1BFchWPeb
by ieldhojose
2023-01-28 22:00:47 IST
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Twitter User 1619367181451669505Statuses 1619367181451669505
Twitter User 1619367181451669505
WithSheikhImran: Inaugurated today world wide services at Bemina started by Showkat sb,who is a budding entrepreneur &passionately a… https://t.co/9NmFSiIiER
by WithSheikhImran
Srinagar, India
2023-01-28 21:39:57 IST
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Twitter User 1619364819739758592Statuses 1619364819739758592
Twitter User 1619364819739758592
SureshVraghav: extremely bad service from @BlueDart_ , by marking a customer not ready for exchange, without even reaching its cus… https://t.co/I6m9yCRn6l
by SureshVraghav
2023-01-28 21:30:34 IST
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Twitter User 1619363358742040577Statuses 1619363358742040577
Twitter User 1619363358742040577
BlueDart__: @9eufL Jte jure c incroyable
by BlueDart__
67 j'suis rif
2023-01-28 21:24:45 IST
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Twitter User 1619363301972140032Statuses 1619363301972140032
Twitter User 1619363301972140032
AmritAmee: Hello, @BlueDart_ I was supposed to receive a document from @SBICard_Connect I appreciate that @SBICard_Connect… https://t.co/CbHXtnOigZ
by AmritAmee
Punjab, India
2023-01-28 21:24:32 IST
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Twitter User 1619361252870078466Statuses 1619361252870078466
Twitter User 1619361252870078466
ParshantPanwa12: @BlueDart_ This is unbelievable and how irresponsible are your delivery boy and also the blue dart is. HDFC bank b… https://t.co/VqXA3BJah7
by ParshantPanwa12
2023-01-28 21:16:23 IST
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Twitter User 1619360992986791938Statuses 1619360992986791938
Twitter User 1619360992986791938
ParshantPanwa12: @BlueDart_ But today is the same condition, courier was not delivered and even not get any call from delivery boy… https://t.co/LlfJCkezfj
by ParshantPanwa12
2023-01-28 21:15:21 IST
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Twitter User 1619360799973318656Statuses 1619360799973318656
Twitter User 1619360799973318656
ParshantPanwa12: @BlueDart_ On 27/01/2023, I called the blue dart customer care no 1860 233 1234 around 5:47 pm and informed to you… https://t.co/Ld23nDS2yT
by ParshantPanwa12
2023-01-28 21:14:35 IST
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Twitter User 1619360417788354560Statuses 1619360417788354560
Twitter User 1619360417788354560
ParshantPanwa12: @BlueDart_ when I checked on blue dart site for delivery status it is showing "Consignee'S Address Unlocatable/Lan… https://t.co/j0AG5ShuQd
by ParshantPanwa12
2023-01-28 21:13:04 IST
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Twitter User 1619358608269119488Statuses 1619358608269119488
Twitter User 1619358608269119488
KoushikBhansali: @BlueDartCares @BlueDart_ @ShiprocketIndia @ShiprocketCare When you can't deliver on time, Why do U accept delieveries. Worst service ever
by KoushikBhansali
Tenali, India
2023-01-28 21:05:53 IST
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Twitter User 1619357208512466945Statuses 1619357208512466945
Twitter User 1619357208512466945
iamsai_here: @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares , I asked sender that how long does it take to deliver they said within two days. This af… https://t.co/PRsGc98PwE
by iamsai_here
2023-01-28 21:00:19 IST
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Twitter User 1619355898572578816Statuses 1619355898572578816
Twitter User 1619355898572578816
9eufL: @BlueDart__ ah frere il est bien rempli crois moi
by 9eufL
2023-01-28 20:55:07 IST
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Twitter User 1619355856101052418Statuses 1619355856101052418
Twitter User 1619355856101052418
9eufL: @BlueDart__ awe le melange
by 9eufL
2023-01-28 20:54:56 IST
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Twitter User 1619354482302914561Statuses 1619354482302914561
Twitter User 1619354482302914561
ParshantPanwa12: @BlueDart_ my wife Rashmi Malik courier waybill no 31221297516 which was book by HDFC BANK on date 24 Jan 2023 an… https://t.co/D4sh6nkBRI
by ParshantPanwa12
2023-01-28 20:49:29 IST
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Twitter User 1619354078894772225Statuses 1619354078894772225
Twitter User 1619354078894772225
amirmoinkhan: @MrShaan2_ Srk is not found on the bluedart website
by amirmoinkhan
Bahraich, India
2023-01-28 20:47:53 IST
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Twitter User 1619353962800627716Statuses 1619353962800627716
Twitter User 1619353962800627716
BlueDart__: @9eufL Ici ça prend L poulet cordon bleu algérienne biggy oignons supplément cheddar
by BlueDart__
67 j'suis rif
2023-01-28 20:47:25 IST
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Twitter User 1619353649821650944Statuses 1619353649821650944
Twitter User 1619353649821650944
BlueDart__: @9eufL Il*
by BlueDart__
67 j'suis rif
2023-01-28 20:46:10 IST
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Twitter User 1619353618003660801Statuses 1619353618003660801
Twitter User 1619353618003660801
BlueDart__: @9eufL Wsh elle est vide ton tacos là
by BlueDart__
67 j'suis rif
2023-01-28 20:46:03 IST
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Twitter User 1619350783547539457Statuses 1619350783547539457
Twitter User 1619350783547539457
BlueDart_: @emsaurav Dear Saurav, We request you to please share contact details with us at [email protected] to assist you be… https://t.co/GwcPAz1nhT
by BlueDart_
Mumbai, India
2023-01-28 20:34:47 IST
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Twitter User 1619350051855400961Statuses 1619350051855400961
Twitter User 1619350051855400961
Mohit01035184: I refused the delivery because he came at the wrong time please get this delivered urgently #bluedart @BlueDart_… https://t.co/fV5sSezbQz
by Mohit01035184
2023-01-28 20:31:53 IST
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Twitter User 1619348629462077452Statuses 1619348629462077452
Twitter User 1619348629462077452
krunal_rjpt: @HDFC_Bank I m wondering for my HDFC fastag sticker since last 3 days..pls help me with process to collect the sam… https://t.co/LRuCG2Snan
by krunal_rjpt
2023-01-28 20:26:13 IST
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Twitter User 1619339054365175809Statuses 1619339054365175809
Twitter User 1619339054365175809
bashirlone: @BlueDartCares @BlueDart_ [email protected], 9419168069
by bashirlone
2023-01-28 19:48:11 IST
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (1619339054365175809)

Twitter User 1619338518677045250Statuses 1619338518677045250
Twitter User 1619338518677045250
BlueDartCares: @bashirlone @BlueDart_ Dear Bashir, We request you to share your email and current contact details to assist you better, Thank you.
by BlueDartCares
Mumbai, India
2023-01-28 19:46:03 IST
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Twitter User 1619338307506413570Statuses 1619338307506413570
Twitter User 1619338307506413570
bashirlone: @BlueDartCares @BlueDart_ Already shared with [email protected] as suggested by you earlier
by bashirlone
2023-01-28 19:45:13 IST
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (1619338307506413570)

Twitter User 1619336360242089985Statuses 1619336360242089985
Twitter User 1619336360242089985
BlueDartCares: @tarun_beri @BlueDart_ Dear Tarun, Please note that we have received your information our team will assist you. Thank you.
by BlueDartCares
Mumbai, India
2023-01-28 19:37:28 IST
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Twitter User 1619335866538938371Statuses 1619335866538938371
Twitter User 1619335866538938371
emsaurav: @BlueDart_ What type of scam You guys Doing. After 4 days still no update regarding the parcel. WayBill : 160370220… https://t.co/IlXqxDACm8
by emsaurav
Patna, India
2023-01-28 19:35:31 IST
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Twitter User 1619335820279967744Statuses 1619335820279967744
Twitter User 1619335820279967744
tarun_beri: @BlueDartCares @BlueDart_ I have Mailed you my Contact Details and Issue Concern . Please Assist.
by tarun_beri
Beri, Jhajjar, India
2023-01-28 19:35:20 IST
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (1619335820279967744)

Twitter User 1619335630265393152Statuses 1619335630265393152
Twitter User 1619335630265393152
Mrjojos2: @kashte_rahul @Asksai1 You can talk the customer care and tell them the order id 5 number and you will say please g… https://t.co/KzaZPXC9tJ
by Mrjojos2
2023-01-28 19:34:34 IST
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (1619335630265393152)

Twitter User 1619331306911055873Statuses 1619331306911055873
Twitter User 1619331306911055873
BlueDartCares: @bashirlone @BlueDart_ Dear Bashir, We regret for the inconvenience. We request you to share your email and current… https://t.co/2P9OzDJky9
by BlueDartCares
Mumbai, India
2023-01-28 19:17:23 IST
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Twitter User 1619330603257843712Statuses 1619330603257843712
Twitter User 1619330603257843712
bashirlone: @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares As per you suggestion I mailed details to address mentioned by you, but i got the same re… https://t.co/S18XzpneOx
by bashirlone
2023-01-28 19:14:36 IST
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